Iconic sculpture in lightning

The CARRONADE pendant in medium can hang anywhere in your home or business. Ideal as a working light and general light source for business or home use. These pendants in medium are a perfect size to hang as a beautiful cluster, in a row with the spot pendants in black and sand or at various angles to highlight the rotating head feature. This is truly, a sculpture in lighting. The CARRONADE pendant in medium is available in both black and sand colours.

More than gunpowder and cannonballs

CARRONADE is made in cooperation with talented young Swedish designer Markus Johansson. It is not difficult to see how designer Markus Johansson, drew inspiration from 17th century ship cannons, as he created the lamp series CARRONADE. He has transformed gunpowder and cannonballs into modern lighting technology in synch with 21st century contemporary and Nordic lighting designs.

A complete lamp series

The collection consists of a complete series of lamps: high floor lamps, spot pendants, low floor lamps and multifunctional table/wall lamps. All models are fitted with LED light bulbs.

CARRONADE is Handcrafted in Denmark and is available in selected stores, LE KLINT webshop and Flagship Store in Store Kirkestræde 1, 1073 Copenhagen K.