Whenever another magical season descends upon us, the most natural thing to do – is to embrace it.


I am always touched at how so many can become one, corresponding as an international community of generousity and kindness, through the simplicity of mutual understanding and design.


This was… and still is, the objective of The Love & Light Project…  and my heartfelt thanks continually goes out to all who supports us, whether that is via social media, lending a helping hand, donating something or buying a seasonal fold.


This page represents the journey of our past and present designs, as we anticipate the future. 


I will continue to do my best to represent our humanitarian spirit, by selecting beautiful timeless designs and of course, endeavor to be an ambassador of Love & Light, whenever and wherever possible. 


On behalf of those without a voice…

Thank You… for your ongoing support.


So, if you did not already know, every year a percentage of each heart sold, goes towards charitable aid, to help someone or an organization in need, regardless of gender, race or residence. I am very happy that so far, we (and I mean, you and I) have donated to Minerva women’s centre in London,  The Youth Red Cross in Odense Denmark ‘SEE ME’ campaign and The Royal Ballet School in Odense with an extra special help for one of their promising and talented Prima ballerina.

To think that it all started with the devastation Hurricane Sandy caused, to a Jamaican mountain village in 2012. I just had to do something. So my fees for creating the heart became the building blocks for the Love and Light Project. 2016  we arranged a Love&Light concert to continue to raise funds for the Jamaican mountain villages 3 schools and a kindergarden I discovered are still in great need of basic equipment to function. So your generousity is ongoing and continually working


I wanted to expand on the design of the heart without any sacrifice to the integrity of the original design, so I have introduced colours.

We now have classic Christmas colours of White/Copper and White/Silver for a little extra Christmas fun and excitement... 


LE KLINT has agreed to include this beautiful Star design as part of The Love & Light Project, designed by Tine Mouritsen.

So, I’m really hoping that you will all continue to love and support this star as much as you do the Heart.

Once again, on behalf of all the people without a voice, I Thank You and I would also like to personally Thank you for embracing this concept, of appreciating great design while helping those in need.



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